Software Downloads

Terrain Fingerprint Lite
Terrain Fingerprint Lite is a fully featured free spatial analyst tool. It has the follwing limitations compared to Terrain Fingerprint Workstation:
  1. You cannot save any DEMs.
  2. You have the DEM fingerprint grids for only 4 of the 35 parameters, and only for NED and SRTM.
  3. You have the NLCD fingerprint grids for only 2 of the 21 parameters.

This zip file contains the installation CD-ROM. Unzip in a separate directory.

Data Downloads

Climate divisions: 1991 National Climatic Data Center. Includes Average temp (F) with standard deviation and Average precipitation (in) and standard deviation.
Unzip into \mapdata\database\US\climate_div.
Physiographic Provinces: Fenneman, N.M., and Johnson, D.W, 1946, Physical divisions of the United States. There are codes for 8 major divisions, 25 provinces, and 86 sections representing distinctive areas having common topography, rock types and structure, and geologic and geomorphic history.
Unzip into \mapdata\database\US\fenn_prov
Geology King: Digital version of King's 1974 geologic map of the United States.
Unzip into \mapdata\database\US\geology_king
Geologic map: Generalized Geologic Map of the Conterminous United States at the US National Atlas.
Unzip into \mapdata\database\US\geology_nat_atlas
Precipitation: Average annual precipitation in the contiguous United States for the climatological period 1961-1990. It was created from the Parameter-elevation Regressions on Independent Slopes Model (PRISM) which was developed by the Spatial Climate Analysis Service at Oregon State University. 1:2,000,000 scale.
Unzip into \mapdata\database\US\precip
USGS 24K Quad: Names and locations of the 1:24K 7' topographic quadrangles.
Unzip into \mapdata\database\US\quads24K

Contour SDK

No downloads currently available.

Free downloads are also available from the U.S. Geological Survey website.