NSI Company Profile

NSI has been a pioneer in the terrain data and software development for the GIS industry since 1996. The company’s commitment to perpetual research and development of innovative GIS technology includes:

  • Contour Professional – First PC based 3D bathymetric SDK for use with marine navigation systems. The SDK customer size has grown to include Maptech’s Offshore Navigator™, Searay Navigator™, and Raymarine’s Raytech Navigator™. This product is available through every major and many smaller marine retailers around the country. It has been installed on over 10,000 navigation systems as of this year to date.

  • Terrain Fingerprint™ - Digital Elevation Model data creation, enhancement, diagnostics, and repair using our Terrain Fingerprint™ database. It is based on the work relating from a Department of Defense Navy SBIR proposal. We have isolated the terrain attributes (including a few that we developed) that uniquely characterize a piece of terrain. We are very excited to offer Terrain Fingerprint because it is the first DEM software to allow the GIS analyst complete statistical control over the terrain data.

  • Bass Track™ - Custom interactive terrain visualization systems development for ESPN television broadcast. We engineered from the ground up, and brand new terrain visualization system that will be employed by ESPN BASS Masters television series starting in January 2004. We have worked along side ESPN producers to provide the most accurate, detailed display for television viewers for several years. This also includes live tracking of BASS boats using the latest GPS transceivers and web technology.

  • The company founders Mark Pringle and Floyd Phillips recognized a business opportunity during an offshore fishing tournament when anglers needed a more precise method for identifying their boat location around very deep bottom structure because their echo sounders were not able to reach the seafloor. A combination of engineering and business management skills, along with business knowledge of the marine market, led to the formation of NSI and soon after the marine industry's first PC-based 3D bathymetric navigation software, Contour Professional, entered the market.

    The Principal GIS Geoscientist, Dr. Peter Guth, has been involved in the field of geography and computer mapping for over twenty-seven years, and he has extensive experience with practical military applications of digital map data. He is currently a tenured full Professor in the Dept. of Oceanography Dept. of Oceanography, U.S. Naval Academy. Seven of Dr. Guth's recent publications are specifically relevant to geomorphology, and he has over twenty-eight GIS publications to his credit.. His most recent work involves "Geomorphic Analysis of DEMs in a GIS: Terrain Analysis and DEM Quality Control."

    The Principal Software Engineer, Dr. Brannon Smith, has a BS in Computer Engineering and a PhD in Political Theory and has been involved in the field of software development for more than fifteen years. He also has training in production 3D graphics and design. He specializes in OpenGL software development for Terrain Visualization Systems.