About the USGS Data Sets

USGS NED and NLCD Data Set Bundle
USGS National Elevation Dataset and National Land Cover Data nationwide coverage. The NED format is USGS BIL with a final size of 25 GB compressed. Delivered on six DVDs. The NLCD format is GeoTIFF with a final size of 1.6 GB compressed. Deliver on single DVD.

North American SRTM 1" Data Set
North American SRTM nationwide coverage. USGS BIL format with a final size of 17 GB compressed. Delivered on four DVDs.

South American SRTM 3" Data Set
COMING SOON! South American SRTM nationwide coverage. USGS BIL format. Delivered on one DVD.

Custom Digital Elevation Model Data Set
Specify a particular area, and data requirements, and we will be more than happy to supply all of your DEM data requirements. USGS NED, USGS 1:24 10 meter level 2, 30 meter level 2, and 30 meter level 1, USGS NLCD, North American SRTM 1", South American SRTM 3", TIGER, and Gazetteer nationwide coverage. Worldwide SRTM data will be released as it becomes available. Available in any public format and delivered on the medium of your choice.


For each:
  • Open Water
  • Perennial Ice/Snow
  • Low Intensity Residential
  • High Intensity Residential
  • Commercial/Industrial/Transportation
  • Bare Rock/Sand/Clay
  • Quarries/Strip Mines/Gravel Pits
  • Transitional
  • Deciduous Forest
  • Evergreen Forest
  • Mixed Forest
  • Shrubland
  • Orchards/Vineyards/Other
  • Grasslands/Herbaceous
  • Pasture/Hay
  • Row Crops
  • Small Grains
  • Fallow
  • Urban/Recreational Grasses
  • Woody Wetlands
  • Emergent Herbaceous Wetlands